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By safeguarding Britain's aviation Heritage and providing vital resources to those in our community, we hope to encourage, nurture and help to springboard the next generation of diverse and inclusive aerospace engineers, pilots, software developers, cabin crew, historians, enthusiasts and so many more, into careers that will shape the aviation landscape of tomorrow.



We aim to ignite and inspire passion, learning, development and enjoyment, whilst providing crucial skills, experience and relevant information, through our collections, engineering projects, fundraising initiatives and educational events and workshops, in order to provide more opportunities that will support those who aspire to join the industry that exists today.



Founded in 1987, Gatwick Aviation Museum began as a private collection, acquired by local Surrey businessman and philanthropist Peter Vallance.

An advocate of history, Peter found the people, development and stories behind aviation fascinating, and it was in 1999 that he decided to formulise the Museum into a Charity, and opened its doors to the general public in order to share his passion with the community.



Today the Gatwick Aviation Museum Charity funds and supports the education of British aviation, engineering and English Heritage.​

The Museum acts as a valuable educational resource, that provides vital support to a number of schools, youth associations, families, children and young people within our community.




"If everyone in the community enjoys the museum as much as I do, my legacy will be complete"

Founder - Peter Vallance 

1958 - 2013




At Gatwick Aviation Museum, we know that behind our success sits a team of innovative, hardworking and dedicated people, whose experience and expertise bring to life the charity's vision.

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Sam Aldridge

Museum Manager



It's not just our staff that make a difference at Gatwick Aviation Museum, it's our amazing network of Volunteers, whose dedication and support is vital.

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Dr Rob Hunter


John Tickner

John Tickner


The Kickstart Scheme

The Charity is working with a new team of young people aged between 18-24, who are supporting us in our Charitable aims? Want to get involved?

Find out more here.

Maggie Reed

Maggie Reed


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Andy Scrase




We're always on the look out for new talent to join us. Whether as a member of staff, trustee, volunteer or intern - we want to here from you.