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Why Partner
with Us?

A good corporate partnership can be mutually beneficial for both the Charity and the partners who support us. For Gatwick Aviation Museum, these benefits include increased funding, support and visibility. For you and your organisation, you will benefit from good PR, brand building and the chance to make a difference and support a worthwhile cause..

Group Lecture

When you partner with Gatwick Aviation Museum, you're not just supporting us, you're supporting families and children within the community. The projects, events and museum experience we offer provides visitors with a unique setting to learn about British aviation, within an inclusive friendly and safe environment. This  wouldn't be possible without the crucial support we receive from our partners.



Better Visibility 

Your organisation will be promoted on our website, via our social channels, physically on site, you'll become part of our marketing comms and will be present at our events.

Increased Revenue

Because more more people will learn about through us, you will receive a much higher volume of calls, emails and web-traffic, meaning higher engagement

Brand Recognition

You'll benefit from additional  brand awareness, allowing you to collect your business with customers, that otherwise wouldn't not be available to you.  

Image & Reputation

When companies are involved in giving back, especially within local communities, this perpetuates an image of being trusted and reputable.

Corporate Identity

Making sure that your  corporate identity showcases that you support your community and the third sector, will no doubt humanise your relationships.

Public Relations

Working with us ill provide you with a never ending stream of good PR opportunities, especially when promoting our events and venue hire,.

Staff Retention

Culture, values and conduct matter and employees benchmark their loyalty, not just by their personal role and package, but by what the company stands for.

Save Money

One of the key benefits is that when you either donate goods or financial support to the Gatwick Aviation Museum, that this is completely is tax deductible


You will have the opportunity to use our premises for networking, meetings and events., whilst also being exposed to new and meaningful relationships.


You will ultimately expose your business to other sectors, where contact maybe limited or difficult access, which will offer new business opportunities.

Happy Employees

Employees respond very positively to employers who give back, especially when it directly affect them. Thus, promoting better relations amongst your team.

Team Building

Charitable giving is great for morale and promotes team building. Getting your team involved in a project will make them feel part of the story and the success.

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