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Why Volunteering is fun for Ron

As a keen enthusiast, Ron Paterson had previously enjoyed Gatwick Aviation Museum as a Visitor and, having spent a long and successful career in the Aviation industry it wasn’t surprising that Ron found himself wanting to Volunteer during retirement.

“If you’re retired” says Ron, “its great to do something once a week, meeting new people from all different walks of life and making the experience for visitors to the Museum an enjoyable one”.

Ron has been part of the wonderful Volunteer Team at the Museum for just over a year. “I really look forward to coming in. Lots of the volunteers have aviation backgrounds but the great thing is, there are so many different roles available you don’t have to be an aviation fanatic or fit a certain mould. You can make friends and be part of a successful and enthusiastic team as well as learning new things – both from your colleagues and visitors”.

Ron always provides a welcoming face at the front desk and is very happy to spend time talking about the Museum and its various exhibits to help guests get the most of out of their visit. “Sometimes, you’re asked something you just don’t expect” he says. “Children are always so excited and ask great questions, its so enjoyable explaining things to them and seeing how keen they are”.

“I have found it easy to manage my time volunteering with personal life commitments and other interests. Its one of the best things I’ve done since I retired. I get to meet a great bunch of people and – its fun!”.

The Museum is always keen to welcome new volunteers to its amazing team in a variety of roles, whether that’s Front of House, being a Tour Guide or helping the Engineers with the aircraft maintenance. There are so many diverse ways you can get involved and be part of our continued mission to be the most engaging and enjoyable Museum that we can.

If you’re interested in joining us and, finding a rewarding and fulfilling experience, contact us today to find out more at We’d love to hear from you.

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