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Gifts left in Wills means more than just safeguarding history, they touch peoples lives and their futures.

There are many ways you can support the Charity, with options available to suit everyone's wishes.

There are several benefits, from creating your own legacy, to more practical things like tax relief.

We can help you to add GAMC to your Will easily, and can even help you write your Will, if you don't have one.

 There is a lot to consider, which is why we have created a handy FAQs page, help.

What Leaving a Gift
in your Will means to Us

Enriches our

Gifts enable us to acquire significant artefacts and engineering objects, from  British aviation history.


Allows visitors to attain a better understanding of our collections by funding,  curatorial exhibitions and engineering projects.

Preserves our

Assists the Museum in developing our site, to ensure that we can continue to be enjoyed for centuries to come.


Supports various exhibitions that inspire learning, provoke emotion, spark debate and reveal original historic stories.



From displays to our technical Library, visitors can further explore, study and enjoy our growing collections in more depth.

Connecting our Community

Creating the landscape for specialised learning programmes, that provide families & children the opportunity to learn with us.


Helping connect & encourage future aviators, engineers, thinkers, innovators and dreamers long into the future.

Keep our
doors Open

For families, young people, enthusiasts and students, to enjoy the Gatwick Aviation Museum forever.

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Dr Rob Hunter


The Museum means many things to many people. Visitors come to be inspired, discover history, to feel joy and to learn. It is a worth-while institution, but we need your help to protect it. The world around us is changing fast and although we cannot predict the future, one thing is certain: we need to act today to protect the Museum for generations to come. There has never been a more important time in our history to ask our supporters to remember GAMC in their Wills. Every single donation makes a difference and helps to safeguard this magnificent Museum for visitors to enjoy long into the future.


Your options
when leaving a Gift

Gatwick Aviation Museum


A gift of all or part of the value of your estate, once all your other commitments have been settled. This is the most flexible way of supporting GAMC.


A gift of a specific sum of money. You may decide to protect this gift against inflation by asking your solicitor to perhaps ensure that it is index linked.


A specific gift (an object). Discuss this with our Legacy team today to organise the details, so that the charity can accept your kind gift.

Gatwick Aviation Museum
Gatwick Aviation Museum


Often chosen as a way of celebrating a loved ones life on the day of the funeral. A special way for family and friends to help leave a lasting legacy.

In Memory Fundraiser

Many people take on a sponsored  challenge event and raise money with friends and family. either on your own or with our help.


Opening a Memorial Fund in memory of a loved one, can be  a rewarding way to pay tribute to their life. Set up a Memorial Page

Gatwick Aviation Museum

Join us

We are always on the look out for new talent and experience, to join us here at the Gatwick Aviation Museum. Whether as a permanent member of staff, trustee, volunteer or intern - we want to here from you.

Live jobs

Our Pledge

We pledge that every donation will be put to responsible use wherever the need is greatest, whether that is caring for our permanent collection, supporting the curator or an exhibition, conserving a precious object.

Gatwick Aviation Museum